Format and guidelines


  • There will be crowned winners per class both on each race and in total per season

  • The individual rider's ranking in the series is based on the location of all participant races. All held races in the series, less one, form the basis for the total ranking for the current season

Example 1:

by participation in all races, the race with the lowest position will be automatically deducted from the rankings

Example 2:

if you participate in all but one race in the series, you will still have achieved the maximum number of races that can form the basis for the ranking

  • Best Team will be ranket throughout the season. Teams must be registered before season start, and may not be changed during the season.

  • A Team mus be at least 2 persons.

  • A Team collects points from the 3 best results no matter what class.

    • No matter if the team have more than 4 racers, only top 3 points will count per race.

  • Start order is Ladies first, then Menn, so Top Men finally. Internally in classes, you start randomly with the space provided by the starter.

  • The 80/20 series is open to all contestants from the year the rider fills 15 years. Remember identification with date of birth upon obtaining start number

  • Some of the races in the series may be open to riders under 15 years (13-14 years) depending on local organizer

  • The number of participants on each race is decided by the local organizer based on what it considers to be feasible and proper.

*Point table at the bottom of the page.

  • Woman - from 21 year, even 39 year.

  • Men - from 21 year, even 39 year.

  • Master - Woman - 40+ year (Master can choose to enter in Woman class)

  • Master - Men - 40+ year (Master can choose to enter in Men class)

  • U21 Woman - from 17 year, even 20 year.

  • U21 Men - from 17 year, even 20 year.

  • 15-16 yr Boys - Will not get points in the series, but will be ranked per race.

  • 15-16 yr Girls - Will not get points in the series, but will be ranked per race.

  • Explorer - 17 year and older. Do not get points in the series, and the results are not sorted on race time

*If there are too few racers in one class they may be put in another class.



  • Registration and payment of start-up fee is made online within the specified deadline for registration.

  • Registration fee can not be refunded.

  • All participants must be in possession of a valid license/insurance (NCF) and must submit this upon retrieval of the starting number. If one does not have a full-year license, the one-time license can be solved in connection with the registration. For more information see NCF Lisenser (norwegain).

  • Riders are responsible for incorporating information provided by the organizer for each race.

  • Riders must follow the markings and instructions set by the organizer. Riders should stick to the path, not cut turns or take shortcuts that obviously provide a time benefit. If you break a marking tape, you have to go back in the trail where you broke the marking tape and replace the tape.

  • Respect for nature and trails are fundamental elements for the events, both in order to maintain good trails and to maintain a good relationship with local interests. It is therefore prohibited from stopping or unnecessary destruction of trails.

  • Violation of rules can lead to time penalty or disqualification based on severity.


  • Riders should wear a helmet when cycling, both up and down. The helmet should be on the head with the hooks attached.

  • Other protection and armor such as knee, elbow, back etc are optional.

  • The individual rider is obliged to stop and help a damaged rider, and make sure that the nearest guard is notified of the incident. If necessary, emergency numbers must be called immediately. Lost time can be judiciously adjusted based on an assessment of the current organizer. It is strongly encouraged to have a mobile phone with sufficient battery: you may be the first person to detect a serious injury!


  • Rider is only allowed to use one and the same bike and wheelset under a race.

  • It is not allowed to get help from others that is not participating in the race during the race. Help from other racers is allowed. In races that allow for the participation of younger, there may be other rules on this.

  • All racers must be self-sufficient with spare parts, food and drinks throughout the duration of the race. Helping other racers is allowed.

  • Depot area may occur only in designated places, determined by some organizer. It is otherwise forbidden to dispose of equipment outside the designated places.

Updated May 2018