Oslo Enduro

Tryvann, Oslo

18.-19. AUGUST


The race will be held in old Tryvann Summer Park with some new trails. 

Program Oslo Enduro 2018 - 18. og 19. August, Tryvann Oslo Summer Park

Friday August 17th:

18:00 - Stages will be published on Trailguide.net.
Direct link here

Marking of stages and transports may not be finished until late Friday night, but with the help of the map is should be OK.


Saturday August 18th:

All day - Free training on every stage. Everything will be marked and ready for training. 


Sunday August 19th:

08:00-09:30 - Race office open. Get your bib and chip by the lift house at the top of Tårnbakken.
09:40-09:50 - Riders meeting close to the race office. Info about rules, safety, depot, stages and so on. Q&A
10:00-10:20 - Start stage 1 Woman
10:30-11:30 - Start stage 1 Men (Men + Men Master + Men Explorer)
11:30-11:50 - Start stage 1 Men Top 30 (80/20 ranking)

Stage 6 (last stage) closes at 15:10 for Men Top 30. This is the last racers for the day. 
Set start intervals will be held. Only Explorer class may start in groups. 

Price seremoni as soon as possible after last racer finishes.

Large parking lot with room for everyone by Tryvann Oslo Summer Park. Do not drive in at the Summer Park.

Bike wash at the Summer Park building.
Possible to buy food and drinks.


New of the year is that we will be doing an Explorer class. This class is for you who want to experience all the good trails, try out enduro racing but are not that  focused on results. Your time will be taken like all others, but the results won't be sorted by time.

Another news for this season are team competition.
The team points are summed up from what each team member get's in his or hers class.
The team must be atleast 2 persons. Are you more than 3 persons in the team only top 3 counts.
More info here.


Women (from 17 years)

Men (from 17 years)

Explorer (Woman/Men)