Accommodation at Bodø Enduro

The local race organizer have fixed some discounts on accommodations. 

Bodø is a very popular turist destination. If you want choices, order early.

We have done a deal with Scandic Hotel Havet and Scandic Hotel Bodø. Use the reference "terrengsykkelritt" (mountainbikerace) when you order. They have pre booked some room for us until May 15th. 

Scandic Bodø:
Single room : kr. 790,-
Double room : kr. 890,-
Tripple room : kr. 1090,-
4-mans room : kr. 1180,-

Scandic Havet:
Single room : kr. 890,-
Double room : kr. 990,-
Tripple room : kr. 1170,-

Prices are per night including breakfast.

Both hotels are located downtown and 10-15 minutes ride from the race arena Maskinisten.


The Union is back!

The Scandinavian Union is back... in a way.

We will for the 2018 season share points with Enduro Sweden Sesion

For the 2018 season we will give you the opportunity to make the best point result from races in ESS count in 80/20 Enduro Series.

The existing practice is that only the 4 best results from the 5 races in 80/20 Enduro Series counts. This means that if you dont finish a race, or can't start, you will still have the shot for a good total.

The new thing now is that if you get better points from a race in the ESS, this points can count instead of the least good one in 80/20. If you for example start in 5 races in Norway, and 2 in Sweden, the 4 best points from Norway will count. And if one race in Sweden gave you more points than one of the 4 in Norway, this will count as the 4th race in the total in 80/20.

The exception is 80/20 Hafjell Enduro and ESS Gesunda which is the last race of the season, and the same weekend.
Only Men, Women and Master Men/Women will count in the shared point series.

There is still a lot of snow most places in Norway, and it might be  a nice start to the season to race ESS Göteborg Enduro the 14th and 15th of April.

We hope this can help share the enjoyment of enduro and the #spiritofenduro.

Foto: Enduro Sweden Series

Foto: Enduro Sweden Series


Registration is open!

We will coming weeks open the registration for 80/20 Enduro Series 2018!

First out is NesbyEnduro both in the calendar and with registations.
The following weeks also Bodø Enduro, Oslo Enduro and Hafjell Enduro will open.

We are still working on the 5th race of the season. Things are coming together and soon ready.

A new feature of the year is that you can buy your own chip for 5 years. If you won't buy a chip you can rent one for the race you want to start. More info on this here. (norwegian)


Foto: Eirik Evjen

Foto: Eirik Evjen

New class in 80/20 Enduro Series

The 2018 season will have a new class for those who are more focused on riding new trails in new places, an maybe don't have the ambition for the top of the results list!

We precent you the Explorer class!

Participants in the new Explorer class will start on the same line as the other classes, and will have their time taken in the same way as the others.
Participants in the Explorer class can start together without the 20 secound gap if they want to.
If you choose to start in the Explorer class you do not get points, and are not gathering points for the total in the series.
There will be presented a result list with times of each racer, but not sorted by race time. That way participants can compare times with your buddy, neighbor, son or daughter, or the other classes, but without the same competition pressure. 

We established this class based on feedback from you guys, and hope this may lead to even more people will try out enduro racing.

Foto:  Eirik Evjen

Team racing!

80/20 Enduro Series to have team ranking!

After we attended Ringeriket Enduro 2017 who had team ranking we decided to do take it up.
Enduro World Series also have team ranking. Since we do a lot like the EWS we decided to include it in 80/20 Enduro Series as well.

The team gets it's points from what each rider in the team gets in his or hers class. In 80/20 that is Woman, Men and Masters Woman/Men. The Explorer class will not get points.
Each team must be minimum 2 persons.
Only the 3 best results in the team will count if there are more then 3 people in the team.

Points are given after the table you find in the rules.

This will open for more tacticks and new sides of racing. We hope this will be a new and exciting side of the races.

Foto: Eirik Evjen

Foto: Eirik Evjen