2 new races for the 80/20 Enduro Series

We can finally present to you 2 new races in the 80/20 Enduro Series. Season opening and season ending is confirmed! Theare are now 4 races confirmed for the 2019 season. Please mark May 26th and October 5th in the calendar!

Foto:  Terje Aamodt

We are exited to test a brand new destination for the start of the 2019 season!
Molde CK will be hosting this years first 80/20 Enduro Series race in Molde May 25th and 26th. This is normally the dries period with just above 30 mm rain for the hole month. Prepare for a compact race in the City of Roses.

Fotograf: Hans Martin Nysæter/ Trysil.com

Fotograf: Hans Martin Nysæter/Trysil.com

After 80/20 Molde Enduro in May, 80/20 Bodø Enduro in June and 80/20 NesbyEnduro in September we can announce the last race for the season in Trysil. 80/20 Trysil Enduro will be held by Trysil Sykkelklubb with support form everything that has made Trysil a mountain bike destination.
Trysil will have a one day blind race on Saturday. It will be some lift service, some man made trails and some natural trails. 80/20 Trysil Enduro have a nice variety to show us.

Trysil will also be the race where we find the overall winner of the season and we will have a party.
Racing, accommodation, food and drinks are all sorted in a compact area. This will be a awesome weekend!

80/20 Trysil Enduro.  Foto: Hans Martin Nysæter/ Trysil.com

80/20 Trysil Enduro.
Foto: Hans Martin Nysæter/Trysil.com

80/20 Molde Enduro. Foto:  Terje Aamodt

80/20 Molde Enduro. Foto: Terje Aamodt

Registration for all races will come later. Programs and special deals on accommodation will also come later. For now, hold the dates and team up with someone to travel with.

80/20 Hafjell Enduro video

Here is the video from
80/20 Hafjell Enduro!


1 - Hilde Strædet - 24:22
2 - Vera Leivsdottir - 24:47
3 - Anette Bastnes - 26:20

1 - Simen Smestad - 20:59
2 - Espen Bergli-Johnsen - 21:12
3 - Magnus Slinger Sørlie - 21:34

Master Men
1 - Pål Grotnes - 23:13
2 - Johan Schjerve - 23:14
3 - Fredrik Lysakerrud -24:02

See more pictures at Terrengsykkel.no

80/20 Oppdal Enduro 2018!

Oppdal will again be part of 80/20 Enduro Series!

After a year without a race in Oppdal, they will again be the location for one of the stops in the 80/20 Enduro Series.

We are happy to have Oppdal back as a location and are looking forward to new and varied tracks.

The crew in Oppdal are still working on getting the trails ready and get permits.
They would like to note that the race still is not 100% confirmed.

Oppdal Enduro

Accommodation at Bodø Enduro

The local race organizer have fixed some discounts on accommodations. 

Bodø is a very popular turist destination. If you want choices, order early.

We have done a deal with Scandic Hotel Havet and Scandic Hotel Bodø. Use the reference "terrengsykkelritt" (mountainbikerace) when you order. They have pre booked some room for us until May 15th. 

Scandic Bodø:
Single room : kr. 790,-
Double room : kr. 890,-
Tripple room : kr. 1090,-
4-mans room : kr. 1180,-

Scandic Havet:
Single room : kr. 890,-
Double room : kr. 990,-
Tripple room : kr. 1170,-

Prices are per night including breakfast.

Both hotels are located downtown and 10-15 minutes ride from the race arena Maskinisten.