The Union is back!

The Scandinavian Union is back... in a way.

We will for the 2018 season share points with Enduro Sweden Sesion

For the 2018 season we will give you the opportunity to make the best point result from races in ESS count in 80/20 Enduro Series.

The existing practice is that only the 4 best results from the 5 races in 80/20 Enduro Series counts. This means that if you dont finish a race, or can't start, you will still have the shot for a good total.

The new thing now is that if you get better points from a race in the ESS, this points can count instead of the least good one in 80/20. If you for example start in 5 races in Norway, and 2 in Sweden, the 4 best points from Norway will count. And if one race in Sweden gave you more points than one of the 4 in Norway, this will count as the 4th race in the total in 80/20.

The exception is 80/20 Hafjell Enduro and ESS Gesunda which is the last race of the season, and the same weekend.
Only Men, Women and Master Men/Women will count in the shared point series.

There is still a lot of snow most places in Norway, and it might be  a nice start to the season to race ESS Göteborg Enduro the 14th and 15th of April.

We hope this can help share the enjoyment of enduro and the #spiritofenduro.

Foto: Enduro Sweden Series

Foto: Enduro Sweden Series