beitostølen Enduro

Øystre Slidre, Oppland

10.-11. august

Foto: Bike Beitostølen

Foto: Bike Beitostølen

New race in the 80/20 Enduro Series at Beitostølen.
Bike Beitostølen with friends invites you to come race i the shadow of Bitihorn and the Jotunheimen mountains.
New race course with a good mix of both natural and man made trails. Pedal to the top, and some lift assist so you can charge harder. Hurray!


Plenty of options.
Check out Bookingservice for cabins.
Check Beitostø for cabins, apartments and hotels.
Or check BeitoCamp for camping and cabins.

Foto: Bike Beitostølen

Foto: Bike Beitostølen

Like last year 80/20 Enduro Series will be doing an Explorer class. This class is for you who want to experience all the good trails, try out enduro racing but are not that  focused on results. Your time will be taken like all others, but the results won't be sorted by time.

We also continue the team competition.
The team points are summed up from what each team member get's in his or hers class.
The team must be at least 2 persons. Are you more than 3 persons in the team only top 3 counts.
All teams must be pre-registered before the season start. More info and signup are coming.


Friday -
- Race track will be public here.
Saturday -
- Free training all day.
Sunday -
- Bib and chips handouts
- Race meeting
- Race!
- Price ceremony
Details will come.


  • U21 Women

  • U21 Men

  • Women

  • Men

  • Master Men 40+

  • Master Women 40+

  • Explorer (Woman/Men) 

Changes will come.