80/20 Enduro Series

The series came to the drawing board in 2011, and first full season with 4 races happened in 2013. Inspiration to the series came from from other counties and had the name 80Twenty and where a description of the stages which is 80% downhill and max 20% flat/uphill. Norway is especially vell suited to a national enduro-series with all the varied terrain and big mountains, a growing crowd and many eager local organizers. The series aims to hold races in different locations with varied surroundings and is an excellent way to showcase the great riding opportunities around Norway to a large group of riders and spectators.  

For the first seasons focus was on holding bike races with less marketing, activities and services outside of the races them selves. Good feedback from riders and the community, fully booked races with waiting lists and good attention in media shows us this was the right move.

More and more local organizers want to become part of the series, and we want to help them organize the races in an professional manner for riders, spectators, organizers and sponsors. One of the steps was to do a facelift and change the name of the series to 80/20 Enduro Series. Even though we don't guarantee 80.0% downhill in every race, we think the name is good both national and international and at the same time keeps a bit of the heritage and roots from the start.